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  • Welcome

    258 Park Street

    Upper Montclair, NJ   07043


    We Offer

    • Classes for ages 2½ - adult
    • A flexible curriculum
    • Weekdays and Saturdays
    • No commitment signup
    • Annual professional recital
    • 30+ years of experience
    • Full selection of dancewear


      Call us anytime to register and for class schedule at:

    • 973-783-7948
    • 973-800-2157
  • Ages   2½ - Adult

    Ballet  -  Tap  -  Jazz  -  Lyrical

    We have created a pleasant, safe environment where students love to learn to dance. Students will be placed in the classes of their choice based on age and skill level.

    • Ages 2½ - 3
      • Ballet and Tap
        - Little children learn simple basic ballet and tap skills through the use of fun props, music, and activities. Much attention and care is given to the very special and individual needs and happiness of very young children.
    • Ages 3 - 4
      • Ballet and Tap
        - A combination class of ballet and tap designed to introduce the young child to dance fundamentals. Material and curriculum are presented through a creative approach employing the child's natural sense of play, wonder and imagination.
    • Ages 5 - 6
      • Ballet and Tap
        - A combination class of ballet and tap. Ballet and tap skills are explored and developed. Creativity and self expression are encouraged and physical skill and mental discipline is further developed.
    • Ages 7+, Teen, Adult (Grouped by age + skill level)
        Combination classes of the following dance disciplines are offered:

      • Ballet
        - A graceful complex dance form demanding physical and mental discipline beneficial to all. Ballet is highly recommended as it gives a solid foundation essential for all other dance disciplines.
      • Tap
        - Tap dancing develops rhythm, timing and co-ordination through the use of tap shoes. It permits ease, relaxation and fun for all ages.
      • Jazz
        - A freer form of dance exploring various traditional, modern, musical theater, ethnic, hip-hop and commercial styles. Jazz dance lends itself to being high powered and energetic to sensitive and stylish, giving the students ample opportunity for self expression.
      • Lyrical/Contemporary
        - Styles of dance that combine elements of classical ballet, modern, and jazz with expressive style, emotion and grace. Lyrical dance often interprets the lyrics or mood of the music and, therefore, can be deeply moving and meaningful. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation allowing dancers' creativity and style to reach new heights.
      • Pointe
        - A specialized part of ballet using pointe shoes. Students must be at least 11 years old, having had 3 years of previous ballet training and the recommendation of the teacher.

  • Parents' Letters & Testimonials


    I knew from the first class when you opened the door and not just "hugged"- but embraced --Sophie with both your arms and your fabulous smile that she would be okay and have fun at your school. What I couldn't have known then was all the other wonderful things that you would be giving her throughout the year. You didn't just teach her "dance moves" -- you taught her how to have fun, musicality, gentle discipline, coordination, memory skills, teamwork and most importantly, confidence and security --on stage and in life! You provided the safe and kind environment for her to express herself, to be free, to dance and sing her little heart out! It has been a beautiful experience for us. The recital plays over and over in my mind. Physically, emotionally, spiritually-- you were stamped over every number-- your heart was in every child's step. Your tribute to that beautiful girl Isabella absolutely overwhelmed us. And of course, the elegance and generosity of your own performance and in the words about the children-- thank you for giving so much to us. You're a life force! See you next year!

    Love, Sophie's Mom

    Miss Gisele,

    My name is Barbara, my daughter is Erica who for the last six months spent two days a week at your studio doing what she loves the most: dancing.

    I apologize for not introducing myself at the recital last week but I know how crazy it is on "SHOW DAY". I proudly enjoyed watching both the show and my daughter.

    After listening to you emotionally thank your dancers for a great year I understood why Erica has been so happy these last few months and especially on "show" day. Your passion for dance fulfilled that need in her soul that she always has and will always have. I thank you for touching her life.



    Dear Miss Gisele, Mike & Emily,

    We are so grateful to all of you for your loving kindness, generosity and such attention to Lucie! She truly enjoyed your teachings and she is such a little ballerina at heart. Your devotion to our children is priceless. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Have a wonderful summer. Again, we appreciate all that your have been & done from the heart!

    Warmest, Lisa & Neil - XO

    Dear Miss Gisele,

    Thank you for all you do! Magdalena loved your dance class and still sings and dances and talks about what Miss Gisele told them! My son, Palmer really enjoyed dance camp. Your way with children is simply magical! Thank you for sharing your special gift.

    Best Wishes,


    Dear Miss Gisele,

    We miss you and your terrific dance classes!

    We wanted to thank you for providing a safe and nurturing environment for Scarlett's first dance experience. She just loved it and being with you. You are a very special person and we hope we can find someone here even half as lovely to teach Scarlett now!

    Have a wonderful summer, and we wish you the best always!

    Paula, Alan, and Scarlett

    Dear Gisele,

    You're the best dance teacher I've ever met. You're very patient, loving, and you also are very caring & loving towards the parents. I love you as a good friend!

    Thank-you & God Bless!

    Love, Denise

  • Our Address

    Gisele Renee Dance Studio
    258 Park Street,
    Upper Montclair, 07043.

    Telephone:973 783 7948
    Cell:973 800 2157

  • Philosophy and Guiding Principles

    We believe that the first and most important step in teaching dance is creating a comfortable environment conducive to learning to dance. To that end, the studio employs a flexible curriculum along with a unique combination of traditional and contemporary teaching methods which best accommodate individual ability levels, enabling each student maximal development of skills, technique, and self-expression. A cornerstone of our approach is the adoption of a close, family-like atmosphere which we have found to be beneficial for both students and parents. Over the years, these methods have allowed us to maintain a high level of dance education - one that we hope will ultimately lead to a lifetime of self-confidence and love for dance.

    - We produce a yearly recital: a professional production that provides all of our students an opportunity to fully experience dance as a performing art in its theatrical form. The recital is an enriching, unforgettable experience and has far-reaching benefits that contribute to a student's success both as a dancer and in non-dance activities through life.
  • About the Director

    Gisele is a Dance Educators of America certified teacher. In 2014, for her dedication and inspirational efforts in advancing the art of dance and dance education she was awarded lifetime membership.

    For more than 25 years Gisele has owned and operated her studio. She has maintained, as part of her legacy, a high standard of dance education with the hope that her studio may someday be considered a rite of passage for young dancers within the community and beyond. Under her instruction and guidance many of her students have won high awards, titles and scholarships in prestigious dance competitions, and have been seen in magazines, television and commercials. Some have even pursued careers in dance. Gisele's sensative attention and compassionate guidance, passion for dance and genuine love of children adds a tenderness to her energetic teaching style. As a result, her students feel confident and empowered to master and apply techniques and skills and to reach their goals.

  • A Note From Your Dance Teacher

    As your dance teacher, it is my honor to play a small but significant roll in your development. My hope is to inspire you to be creative, be confident, and to believe in yourself. My promise is to respect every student's abilities, differences and individual needs. My commitment is to see you challenged and encouraged in your technique and artistic development and, above all, to give you the freedom to express your love of dance. Finally, my wish is for your happiness and success here at the Gisele Renee Dance Studio and in life.


    Gisele Renee